Monday, September 14, 2009


I love LibraryThing! As yet I have only created a small personal library as I need to convert my written reading records gathered over many years of English teaching and teacher librarianship. This will be a school holiday project - but at least I am underway.
I love the ability to share reading, to quickly have suggested supplementary titles and authors and to be able to assign real - person tags, rather than restrictive and not instinctive formal subject headings.
I have set up my school Bookclub students in a closed room and we share our reading between meeting times.
I am in the process of considering incorporating LibraryThing into our LMS but there are compatibility issues to be sorted out - a work in progress.

Image generators

Although these are fun and would be fantastic for students to use to jazz up their presentations, I am not convinced that I would use them myself a great deal. The selections mostly have that 'cartoon look' which has limited applications for serious research - for me anyway.
I also found that some of the recommemded Image Generators contain unsuitable material for me to use in my school. I think that they may need some deep checking before letting students loose on them.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Second life

I can see lots of applications in the classroom. I have an idea brewing where I could have the students create their avatar for a chosen historical period and to build the historical world and time period around this avatar. This would be a great way to build social history. I haven't worked out how to do it yet - still investigating and as most of the sites are blocked at school, I'll have to do this at home.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I am not particulary fussed about iGoogle. I know that it can be handy to have my selections and links at my fingertips, but, while at work, I prefer the ease of our staff intranet page as that is where the majority of my quick links reside. At home, I have set up my iGoogle and it is more useful there for personal links etc.

Google Maps and Google books

I have used both of these a lot. I love Google maps and the different views available. How did we ever manage without?

Google books is an invaluable tool in a school library - the extracts, the sumaries, the suggested reading lists are fantastic for suggesting books for students and teachers and for creating displays.