Sunday, October 18, 2009

RSS feeds

These could have so many applications that would be useful for students that it could be very easy to be overwhelmed. Senior Modern History and Economics students could get feeds from so many reliable and credible sources to keep them up to date on their topics of study. Our Library home page could have feeds through from reviewing sites and information about latest releases.

I have the feeds coming directly to my iGoogle page so they are obvious as soon as I open there.

Proceed with caution - too much information!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have similar comments to the MySpace blog. My school is highly unlikely to unblock either fo these applications, so my use would only ever be personal - and that probably won't happen soon.

My Space

Frankly I don't have enough time for my real friends and don't feel the need. I like the idea of groups communicating, but, in a school setting there are more appropriate tools available for group discussion and interaction. I prefer to keep 'work tasks' separate from 'social'. There are enough distractions as it is.


Again, this is a useful tool for organising photos and then sharing them. I have used this to share photos with friends overseas for quite some time.


I have been intending to export all of my work favourites here for ages, but now I have done it! It is extremely helpful to have the notes to go with each bookmark and the tags make retrieval very easy. I will need to continue working through to put notes on each URL, but I will get there.

It is also very useful when my profile at work crashes and has to be rebuilt. Now I am able to easily keep my favourites forever!!