Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am keenly awaiting the arrival of a dedicated ebook reader - one small enough to take anywhere. I am currently investigating the Kindle, but until the new version hits Oz (currently only available in the US) I will have to be patient. The portability and the current nature of titles is what appeals to me - over Project Gutenberg and other copyright free sources. They are fantastic, but limited for young readers and I think this might be the future for them.
Although I love nothing more than curling up with a real book, I think that young people will be wanting to access their books electronically.
There is enormous debate by we oldies, but if they are reading and enjoying reading, does it matter the medium they choose to access??

I want to properly investigate the realities of reading in this way. So far, I have only read downloaded books on my laptop - not my preferred method by a long shot. However, this is going to be reality for many very soon.

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  1. My mother found this great little 'game' on Nintendo DS that has 100 books stored on it which I love when I'm on a long plane trip and have limited carry on. But I've found that my ipod is great for ebooks too but you need one with a fair amount of space, the newer 160GB classic just about does it for me ;)

    Congratulations on finishing all the tasks for web 2.0! I hope you will find some of this things useful in the future.
    Thanks again for all of your efforts :)